29 Nov 2015

First advent

For the occasion, I forced on some Christmas spirit. Actually, playing some carols and going through the decorations worked.
I love how the kid is drawn to and amazed by all things christmasy. It's nice to start building traditions and memories for him. 
I've come down with a flu that has developed into ear, sinus and toncils infections, so I don't mind cuddling up on the sofa in the candle light.

21 Nov 2015

Saturday chill

For some, it's fredagsmys. We work late on Fridays so we prefer chillin' on Saturdays.
If there's no time (or energy) for actually cooking anything, wine, cheese and crackers will do the trick.
Have a nice evening!

15 Nov 2015

Lovely weekends are made of...

... long, proper breakfasts.
... adventures and treasure hunts in the forest.
... being creative and getting started with Christmas decorations. Cones are the result of the mentioned treasure hunt.
... eating well.
Have a lovely week!