30 Jul 2015

Building blocks

The kid loves his Lego Duplos. And building towers with dad.
Tower building, for us, is a chance to start giving him some building blocks for life. Such as anger management if a block refuses to co-operate. Most of the time, though, it's all smiles.
Theses bigger blocks make mum smile. Great storage for those duplos and other toys. Only we need a dozen more.
Apparently they're perfect for seating as well.

29 Jul 2015

Lazy mornings

Oh how I love them.
We're always up by 6:30 LATEST, but then we take our time in making the bed and changing out of our pj's.
I often work on weekends too, so sometimes our lazy mornings happen on Wednesdays.
Baskets are new from Ikea, much needed for a pillow hoarder like me.

28 Jul 2015

Never perfect

Not this Iittala dish, this I love.
Our home is never perfect. There's always a fiat that ruins my table setting.
It's easy to crop photos to only show the pretty side of things. And I do just that. Because I love pretty. And tasty.
And one thing that's never perfect: my homemade sweet potato fries. Love them, can't make them perfect. Help.

27 Jul 2015

Last days of summer

My summer vacation ended a week ago.
Kid starts kindergarten next week.
Maybe that's why it feels like it's the last days of summer.

26 Jul 2015

The gardener

Clearly everything in our garden grows so well because of the most hard-working gardener ever.
Back and forth he goes so mum has kale to pick.
It's delightful how enthusiastic and focused a kid can be.
I'm so happy he likes growing vegetables. Now if I only could make him eat them, too.

25 Jul 2015

Grilled kale

We have kale growing in our garden. And by growing, I mean taking over. Free kale over here for anyone who's interested. Just add some canola oil and garlic powder, and put it in the grill.
With the kale, roast some potatoes. Sprinkle boiled & cubed potatoes first with canola oil, then season with salt, paprika and garlic. Roast on the grill until golden brown.
While your at it, cook some pork tenderloin in the grill as well. Season it with salt, sear it quickly on the grill and then place and keep on the top rack of the grill until inner temperature reaches 68 degrees C. Serve it all with a side salad and some nice red wine.

21 Jul 2015

Wallpaper love

I absolutely love the wallpaper in our hallway.
Soft blue tone brings a little colour among grey floor and white and black furniture.
Our hallway in all is a mixture of styles, new and old; wardrobe and drawer are from Ikea, but only the wardrobe is new. Drawer is an online find and it used to be a changing table and not black. Rattan basket belonged to my grandmother and the chair to another.
Shoes are from H&M and can only be worn on days when no walking is needed.

19 Jul 2015


Heavy rain knocked over some of the higher flowers in the garden.
Now they're a lovely bouquet on top of granny's old cabinet.
I'm spending this rainy Sunday afternoon indoors after visiting some flea markets in the morning.
My husband and the little fellow are on boys' vacation for four days. So I can stay curled up in the sofa corner and have a coffee. My fifth. Because for ONCE I get to finish them while they're still hot.
Ps. Spot a Lego Duplo Pig.

17 Jul 2015

Fresh from the garden

This summer we've set up a small kitchen garden.
Kale is just coming to season and at the moment we have lettuce at E-V-E-R-Y single meal. For dinner with salmon tortillas...
... and as a salad the following day. Into the salad also went the leftover salmon - that's living on a budget.