30 Aug 2015

Colourful kidroom

Our home is white, black and grey. Except for the kid's room.
This room was done over a year ago, and I still like it. Walls are a neutral colour, textiles and some of the furniture are bright, happy colours.
Bookshelf was an online find for 10 euros and I painted it white & blue.
This drawer we've had for years and when it was placed here, I painted it blue and changed the handles. It stores all the kid's clothes.
The room is a combination of old and new. IKEA Hemnes daybed was purchased new, as well as the rug and all the fabrics for the cushions. The stool in the above picture belonged to my grandma; it's not very neat but I like it the way it is, a bit rugged.
The elephant is vintage. It used to be mine.

29 Aug 2015

Let it rain

I have recently learned two things. First, I don't function very well in over 22 C degrees. So I love that it's getting cooler and I love the rain showers.
Second, a two-year-old is tall enough to reach the door handle and open the back door. Naturally this happens right after a massive rain shower.
Actually, I have learned a third thing too. If you really want to learn to enjoy rain, ask the said (or any, I guess) two-year-old. He knows how it's done.

26 Aug 2015


When it comes to clothing, I'm a blue & white person.
Except for the occasional LBD, I wear this. A comfortable shirt and jeans. Most of my jeans are not so comfy anymore, thanks to all the BBQs this summer.
Bag is from a small Tuscan market, ca. 2006. LOVE IT.

24 Aug 2015

Kale & cabbage.

And chicken and fried rice.
Another very simple and relatively healthy choice for your everyday dinner.
Kale is from my own garden. Come next summer, I just might try growing cabbage too.
My husband hates the smell of cooked cabbage, so I can only make it when he's not around. Although the 2-year-old also seems to think it's an unsafe environment as he's wearing a helmet for dinner.

18 Aug 2015

Everyday food

Someone (my mother-in-law, actually) once asked me, if we always eat something "fancy", since I like cooking. Well ... we don't.
I do try to cook from fresh, healthy ingredients though, even if the food itself is simple.
For sweeter snacks we prefer fruits instead of sugary, artificial stuff. But mind you, I don't believe in absolutes.
Dinner is prepared as easily as cooking a salmon fillet (seasoned with salt), kale and broccoli under a tin foil in a 150 degree oven for 45 minutes. Quite good, quite healthy.
The baskets in the kitchen are also flea market finds (see previous post here). I've found that I use fruits and veggies a lot more, when they're right there reminding me of their existence.

13 Aug 2015

Achy Breaky Heart

The title has nothing to do with the photos.
It's just that on a laundry crisis day I found this shirt from my closet and wearing it makes my head play Achy Breaky Heart.
Kinda like this look though. Just could've chosen a cooler day to wear a thick shirt like this.
And just so I won't be alone with my earworm - here you go! 

12 Aug 2015


I have developed "a thing" for rattan.
While searching for the perfect rattan chairs, I'm scratching my itch with smaller items.
Our home is very grey & white, and I like the natural warmth rattan brings, even in small amounts.

9 Aug 2015

A day of summer

Or actually, it's the third day of summer this year.
It's been a cold and wet summer. So on a warm and sunny day like this, you have to make the most of it. Two-year-olds are good at that.
I bet it's the lack of sun why my sunflowers are not blooming yet. All they've done is grow ridiculously tall.
My vision of this was to have a beautiful yellow flower bloom against the white fence. Oh well.

4 Aug 2015


I'm actually allergic to fresh strawberries, but I just can't resist.
I haven't gone picking them myself - they're sold by the entrance of every supermarket and the scent.. Well, just can't resist. So, a salad and a cake it is.
The salad has lettuce, arugula, sweet peas and mozzarella in it with the strawberries, and the cake is just your everyday sponge cake with little bit of vanilla. Yum.