19 Dec 2015

My sous chef

The kid loves taking part in, well, everything. So we give him little things to do, like taking napkins to garbage pin and carrying socks from the dryer to the closet. But what he loves is help with cooking.
I hate mess, so for me it's an effort. To keep myself from telling him what to do or what not to do, not to make mess, to be careful, and so on. And yes, there's flour EVERYWHERE, but if I focus on the kid's happy face, it's okay. And actually, he's pretty careful and precise in his actions.
I've decided that Saturday's are pizza days. After a working day I just don't have the energy for cooking anything fancy but still, it's weekend, so I'd like to put something nice and tasty on the table. I just need to come up with new recipes as in my pizza the only thing that's ever different is whether I top it with parmesan or mozzarella.
Enjoy your weekend!

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